The company management with its highly qualified staff support has from the beginning partaken in the development of new information technologies, economic and mathematical models, applicable in particular in transport and medical care, as well as in sports, cultural and social events.

We engage in these activities by either providing financial support, or consulting services in the area of information technologies, mathematical and statistical methods, and with the development of special software applications or computer technology leases. We try to provide assistance to schools in the form of professional advice given as lectures, the administration of theses, the organisation of specialised courses and the free provision of selected modules of application software.

Examples of some of our activities:

  • The company has developed and continues to maintain several applications for the densitometry and endoscopy wards of the First Children?s Clinic of the Motol Hospital, plus we have equipped the laboratory with computer technology.
  • Our mathematical and statistical methods have been employed in the Central Military Hospital in Stresovice in the training and preparation of top sportspeople, while some offices have also been equipped with computers.
  • The company has adjusted software and implemented audio functions for self-service transport information stands for the Association of organisations of persons with sight impairment.
  • The company has also provided an information stand to the School of Technology of the Czech Agricultural University and equipped the school?s laboratories with the basic information and clearance module for public transport systems, including software instruments used by transport company dispatchers when setting parameters for individual services (e.g. timetables, fares, etc.).

The company sponsors selected events of the School of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University, the Czech Agricultural University, Jan Perner School of Transportation, the University of Pardubice and the Jan Perner Institute, and the Secondary Vocational School of Transportation Prague.

In the area of sport, we sponsor various events, such as the annual Transport Minister Cup in volleyball, in three categories. We also partake in supporting the volleyball teams of VK Kladno (formerly Odolena Voda) and the School of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University.